Baterryomatic is a future of electromobility

Our concept is to develop common standards for batteries for popular electric vehicles such as: push scooters, bikes and scooters

Batteryomatic for push scooters, bikes
and scooters

Nobody wants to charge slowly the batteries, so maybe instead of charging, just can rent charged one? Our project is coming soon together with our two new partners in Poland.

Batteries for bikes always easy available and charged

Thanks to batteryomatic, it's easier to drive any electric device, and mobile app will show you where you can change
your battery to charged one

Electric bike or scooter is expensive?

Since now it is not! Now, you can buy electric bike without battery for less, and just rent the battery whenever you want!

City bikes and scooters

Charging and servicing the batteries is hard job? Our solution makes it easy and cost effective!

Partners of the project

Market leader in desig and production of batteries for electromobility in Poland. We design, produce and provide the service of batteries for electromobility in Poland, for scooters, bikes and cars.

State-of-the-art technological company, which is providing first class services and software: mobile apps, design and production of selfservice POS systems (wayfinders, multimedia kiosks, queue automation) and much more: IoT devices, augmented and virtual reality,
e-learning, ERP/CRM systems.

Invitation for partnership

Currently, we are developing the project together with two companies and new partners are welcome

We invite new partners and investors to build the network of batteryomatic network. Together we can setup the new standards, which could be useful for users and suppliers as well, for the charging and exchange.


In the first phase of project, we plan to supply the batteries for scooters and push scooters for new sharing network

We are working together with some producers of bikes and cars in Poland. Soon we will present more information.

Our main goals:
* To standarize the battery packs, easy to use
* Mobile - mobile app, to give you information, where is nearest batteryomatic (e2be) device with proper battery pack, availability and navigation
* Free of charge battery swaps/exchange for selected sharing systems - change the battery and you will pay less for the sharing fees.

New electric scooter sharing network with exchangeable battery

More details - coming soon!

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Don't charge your car

Soon you will be able to exchange battery in few minutes

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